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Why Reiki?

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

Reiki is the universal life force we are all connected to. As a Reiki Master, I act as a conduit for this energy to move through and deliver healing wherever it is needed. How is this beneficial? Sometimes we may only pay attention to certain symptoms when there could be something much deeper wrong. This is where Reiki comes in. It doesn't have to be told what's wrong, it already knows exactly where to go. Reiki works on all levels to heal the whole being, whether that is physically, emotionally or simple the situations surrounding the being.

Children and animals seem to be more open to Reiki energy and soak it up the quite easily. Reiki is extremely beneficial to them because children and animals can't always express what's wrong. This is what makes Reiki so wonderful. Reiki works along with any other treatment that is being given and can heighten the results as well as speed recovery time.

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